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Southwest Cairn rescue is the proud recipient of a Pedigree Foundation Grant. The Pedigree Foundation is proud to provide grants to more than 500 qualifying animal shelters and breed rescue organizations. Through no fault of their own, nearly four million dogs end up in shelters every year, and only half ever make it out. That’s why PEDIGREE® Brand of MARS, Inc. created The PEDIGREE Foundation. As a newly-established 501(c)(3) private foundation, it is dedicated to helping dogs in need find loving homes by supporting the good work of shelters and breed rescue organizations throughout the country.

Southwest Cairn Rescue is grateful to the Pedigree Foundation for their support. The grant enabled us to help Sunny, a 3 year old male Cairn Terrier. Sunny’s life began as a backyard breeder pup where he spent his short life fearful of humans. Sunny was turned into our program with a testicle that was not descended, a hernia and was in desperate need of dental work. The Pedigree Grant covered his expenses and he is now resting comfortably. Sunny is a beautiful boy that is slowly coming around with the help, love and compassion of his foster family

Thank You Pedigree Foundation!

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